Inorganic Chemicals

Chromic Anhydride

Chromic Anhydride

CAS number: 1333-82-0

UN number: 1463

Hazard class: 5.1

Appearance: dark red granular solid

Chromium trioxide is mainly used in chrome-plating. Typically it is employed with additives that affect the plating process but do not react with the trioxide. The trioxide reacts with cadmium, zinc, and other metals to generate a passivating chromate films that resist corrosion.

Chromium trioxide is highly toxic, corrosive, and carcinogenic.It is the main example of the environmental hazard known as “hexavalent chromium.” The related chromium derivatives are not particularly dangerous, thus reductants are used to destroy chromium samples. Chromium trioxide, being a powerful oxidizer, will ignite some organic materials (such as ethanol) on contact.



Commodity Chromic acid Date of Analysis 2009-11-18
CAS 7738-94-5 Batch No 20091118
Property Standard Results
Appearance Brown-red flakes Brown-red flakes
Cro3 99.7%Min 99.73%
Water insoluble matter 0.02%Max 0.017%
Sulphate 0.06%Max 0.05%
Conclusion Qualified

Analyst: wang lei Checker: Liu qin Re examiner: Gu hui

Packing:Iron drum. Net weight 50kg/drum or 250KG/’drum

20’FCL=18MT palletized

cr01 cr03


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