Dibasic ester DBE

Dibasic ester DBE

In chemistry, a dibasic ester or DBE is a dimethyl ester of a dicarboxylic acid. Mixtures of different dibasic esters are commercially produced from short-chain acids such as adipic acid, glutaric acid, and succinic acid. They are non-flammable, readily biodegradable, non-corrosive, and have a mild, fruity odour.Its main ingredient is Dimethyl succinate CH3OOC(CH2)2COOCH3, Dimethyl succinate CH3OOC(CH2)3COOCH3, Dimethyl adipate CH3OOC(CH2)4COOCH3. It is the unique constituent that makes the AGSE become a non-toxic colorless transparent liquid with high boiling point, which is of environmental protection and of biodegradation. Now it is widely used as general-purposed solvent of coatings.

Technical index Standard: Q/AHK01-2005

Ester assay:≥99% Acidity:
Moisture:≤0.1% Boiling range:196-230°C

Physical properties

colorless transparent liquid
Color & luster: APHA<50 Average molecular weight:160 Specific gravity
Electrical resistivity
24°C: 0.5MΩ
Steam pressure
20°C(mmHg): 0.1
Ice point: -20°C Flash point (close)100°C Surface tension
20°C:35.6 dyne/cm
Relative volatile speed
25°C(butyl acetate=1):0.008
25°C: 2.4 mm2/s

Chemical properties:

DBE is very stable in normal temp. and humidity. DBE is very stable at the usual temperature and moisture, and it has the typical properties of ester functional group, including saponification and hydrolyze.


1. Low volatile speed in the normal temperature, but its volatile speed will the accelerated with the increase of temperature.
2. wide boiling point, long distillation range helpful for adjusting volatility speed of the entire solvent system.
3. good levelling property, enhancing color and luster, improving covering power of dye, reducing the surface defects like orange peel, pinhole, fisheye and crater.
4. easily regulating prescription in coating system for it is easily soluble in most organic solvents
5.good solubility for polyester, acrylic resin, polyurethane resin, alkyd resin and epoxy resin etc.
6. good stability, not to oxidize and decompose in storage in nature
7. high flash point and low vapor pressure for safe use

Substituted solvents:

DBE can be the substitute of isophorone , cellosolve acetate(CAC), ethylene glycol monobutyl ether, propylene glycol ether ester type of solvent, cyclohexanone, diacetone alcohol, cresol, and so on.


DBE is extensively applied in the fields of Coil steel coating, automobile coating, baking coating,tin plate printing coating, carpentry coating, vessel/can coating, printing ink industry, metal furniture coating, insulating coating and resin industry.

Also it can be used as cleaning agent, paint remover, casting core agglomerant, soldering flux in electronic industry, and intermediate compound in organic synthesis.

Explanations can see below:
1. Wood paint
A. Due to its wide range of distillation, DBE serves as an excellent buffer. Hence, it can provide more flexibility and selection to solvent formulation and application environment.
B. DBE, with high boiling point, and wide distillation, helps to adjust the volatilization rate, improve the flow, and eliminate the white fog and pinhole.
2. Broil-paint industry
DBE has special volatility, with the hoist of the temperature, the DBE will have more fast volatilization speed than other solvent, Viz. in the former period it is slowly, but fast in the rear end, so that it is patient of more benefit drying period,more calm solvent volatilization curve, which is benefit for cancel the surface bug.
3. Engine oils
Benefits of DBE in engine oils:
A. Volatility: The polarity of DBE molecules causes them to be attracted to one another and this intermolecular attraction requires more energy (heat) for the esters to transfer from a liquid to a gaseous state. Therefore, at a given molecular weight or viscosity, the esters will exhibit a lower vapor pressure which translates into a higher flash point and a lower rate of evaporation for the lubricant. Generally speaking, the more ester linkages in a specific ester, the higher its flash point and the lower its volatility.
B. Lubricity: Polarity also causes DBE molecules to be attracted to positively charged metal surfaces. As a result, the molecules tend to line up on the metal surface creating a film which requires additional energy (load) to penetrate. The result is a stronger film which translates into higher lubricity and lower energy consumption in lubricant applications.
C. Detergency/Dispersency: The polar nature of DBE also makes them good solvents and dispersants. This allows the esters to solubilize or disperse oil degradation by-products which might otherwise be deposited as varnish or sludge, and translates into cleaner operation and improved additive solubility in the final lubricant.
D. Biodegradability: While stable against oxidative and thermal breakdown, the ester linkage provides a vulnerable site for microbes to begin their work of biodegrading the ester molecule. This translates into very high biodegradability rates for ester lubricants and allows more environmentally friendly products to be formulated.
4.Printing ink industry
Some printing ink, such as SCREEN INK, there are often append the high-boil solvent, for example the ISOPHORONE,but it is of great virulence and funk, and that DBE could fetch up the upwards bug, also replace it.
5.Colophony industry
Firstly, it could debase the colophony viscidity without need to decrease molecular weight or content. Secondly, when in the same viscidity ,it could increase the proper content, by DBE ‘s character, we could manufacture the colophony with high proper content and low viscidity.
6. Launder solvent, de-paint solvent
Because of DBE ‘s high solvency, it could cleanup the oil and paint film, which is also recyclable.


Kept in iron drum or special plastic drum, it is non-corrosive, non-photochemical reactive, non-inflammable and non-explosive matter.


Packed in 220kg iron drums, 1×20’FCL can load 17.6mt; Packed in IBCS, 1X20’FCL can load 19.8mt; or Packed in ISO tank.


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