Ethyl acetate

Clear, colorless, flowing and volatile combustible liquid with a pleasant fruit odor. Relative density (20℃): 0.902g/cm3 ; melting point: -83℃; boiling point: 77.15℃. It is flammable, and slightly soluble in water. And it is soluble in normal organic solvents such as alcohol, ether, ketone, aether, chloroform, benzene and gasoline etc, and is miscible with certain solvents to form azeotropic mixtures. It has a refractive index of 1.3719 and a flash point of 7.2℃ (open cup).

 Quality standard:
It is produced in strict accordance with the national standard GB/T3728-2007

Index Specification
Appearance Clear liquid, without suspending impurities
Ordor The characteristic odor, no smell, no residual gas
Chromaticity(in Hazen)(Pt-Co),≤ 10
Density,(20℃),g/cm3 0.897-0.902
Moisture,%≤ 0.05
Ethyl Acetate,% ≥ 99.7
Ethanol,% ≤ 0.10
Acidity(based on CH3COOH),%≤ 0.004
Vaporized residue,%≤ 0.001

One of very important organic chemical raw materials and widely used. As an important industrial solvent, it is mainly used in such products as paintings, adhesives, ethylcellulose, leatheroid, malthoid colorant and synthetic fibers etc. It is also used as an adhesive in the production of printing ink and Venetian pearl, used as a distillation agent in the production of medical-use medicines and organic acid etc., and used as fruit essences such as pineapple and banana etc. and as perfume such as usquebaugh and butter etc.

Packing, transportation and storage:

 It is packed in iron barrels, each with a net weight of 180kg (or according to the user requirement). The barrel should be firm, sealed, clean and dry. When transported in the gross, it is packed in tank car or railway tank car or shipped, under a seal and damp proof condition.
It should be stored in a cool, dry well-ventilated place, free of insolation, and should be in compliance with the rules relating to the storage and transportation of hazardous goods. During packing, storage and transportation, the iron barrel should be checked for any leakage.

During packing, transportation and loading/unloading, the worker shall wear the specified PPE and gently handle with the product so as to avoid any incident caused by breakage.

Very little toxic, but moderately irritative to mucous membrane. Any exposure to high concentration may cause an irritation to eyes, nose, throat and respiratory tract, and when seriously, may have an on-going narcotic effect. Max. allowable concentration during operation is 309 ppm. The product is flammable and its vapor may mix with the air to form explosive compounds. Contact with open flame or high heat energy may cause fire and explosion. And it may react intensively with oxidants. Its vapor is heavier than the air, and may spread from a low place to distant ignition source and flash back.




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