C5 & C9 products

DCPD Petroleum Resin

Hs code: 3911100000

Applications: DCPD Petroleum Resin can be used in polyester paint. It has good compatibility with epoxy resin in esters solvents and has good solidifying rate to epoxy resin, thus it can be used as a solidifying modifier too. The addition of DCPD petroleum resin (DA201) as a modifying agent can not only reduce the paint cost, but also lower the shrinkage force of epoxy resin, improve the adhesiveness as well as penetrability of paint to cement and steels, strengthen the wetting property to paint and improve the leveling property of paint film.


1.      Appearance Eyeballing: Granule

2.      Color (Gardner): 6#

3.      Softening Point (): 95~125

4.      Ash Content (wt.%): 0.03

5.      Acid Value (mgKOH/g): 0.5max

6.      Specific Gravity: 1.07

Packing: Packed in plastic woven bag or kraft paper bag of 25Kg net each.One 20’ container can be loaded into 680bags(17MT) without pallets


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