C5 & C9 products, Intermediates


1, Molecular formula/Structural formula: C10H12

2,Properties: In room temperature,  Dicyclopentadiene is colorless liquid or light yellow transparent liquid , high pure Dicyclopentadiene is colorless crystal. Relative Density :0.979, Melting point :32.9; Boiling point :166.0; Flash point :41.

3, Uses: Dicyclopentadiene can be used in high energy fuel, metal derivatives, Dicyclopentadiene Petroleum Resin , epoxy resin, unsaturated polyesters resins, polymer, norborene, drug, flavor and fine chemicals; moreover, it can be used to produce value-added chemicals such as pesticide, drug, flavor and fire retardant, etc.

4, packing: 200 kg drums or ISO Tank,Stored Sealed and cool place with ventilation.

5, Transportation: hazardous chemicals, bulk products can be packed in tank car.

6, Storage: void direct sunlight, fire and heat; kept in ventilating place.

Quality indexes(Business standard ):



Grade One

High performace Best Grade
Appearance transparent liquid transparent liquid transparent liquid transparent liquid
DCPD , % ≥ ≥90 ≥95 ≥96 ≥98
Degree of color ≤ 100 max 100 max 100 max 100 max
Water,% ≤0.03 ≤0.03 ≤0.03 ≤0.03
PH 6~7 6~7 6~7 6~7

Attention:Stay away from open flame, heat, oxidizer. USe foam, halon, dry, Sandy to Fire fighting.



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One thought on “Dicyclopentadiene

  1. This week the updated price of Industrial DCPD is USD1650/MT FOB China main port,the validity is till Nov/25,2011

    Posted by admin | November 21, 2011, 8:23 am

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