Sulfamic acid

Molecular Formula : NH2SO3H

CAS : 5329-14-6

UN NO.: 2967

Class : 8

Molecular weight : 97.09

Product specification:

Item index
Sulfamic acid 99.5%min
sulphate 0.05%max
Iron 0.02%max
Insoluble in water 0.0025%max
Loss on drying 0.1%max

Use : Metal parts cleaning, getting away oxidize surface.Slightly corrosive to metal, used to flush boiler, and sterilize bacterium in water.Bleach fibre, wood and paper.
Remove nitrite in tobacco.Raw material for paint, dye stuff and PH test paper.Used as fire resistance of cotton fibre.Used as solidifying agent of resin.Raw material for pesticide intermediate, ramification of sulfamic acid.

Packaging :Knitting bags with plastic liners, 25kg per bag or according to customer’s requirment . 20FCL=24mt without pallets and 22mt with pallets .


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