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China’s monoethylamine diethylamine triethylamine overview

In China, most of monoethylamine/diethylamine/triethylamine are produced by ethanol ammonalysis method.

Production method of monoethylamine/diethylamine/triethylamine:

The raw materials are:




4.Copper-nickel-platinum catalyst

The reactions are as follows:


Reaction conditions:

1.The temperature of reaction should be between 140-170°C

2.The reaction pressure should be 0.7-1.1mpa

3.The reaction should be started under hydrogen atmosphere. The hydrogen don’t enter into the reaction, just used for activating the catalyst.

4.There should be copper,nickel,platinum as the catalyst.


Agro Chemicals

As a raw material for Herbicides like Atrazine, Simazine and Cyanazine.


As a raw material in the manufacture of Carbamate Formaldehyde condensate used for Wash and Wear fabrics.


As intermidiate / catalyst in the production of Ethyl Cyano Pyrolidone Disperse and Reactive Dyes.


As a catalyst in the production of Urethane foam.

Agro Chemicals

As raw material for Pesticides like Thiobencarb and Pesticide intermediates like Diethyl Aceto Acetamide used in the manufacture of Phosphamidon and Napropropamide.

Rubber Chemicals

As a raw material for manufacture of primary accelerators like Zinc Diethyl Dithio Carbamate (ZDDC)

Plastic Industry

As Urethane Chain stopper and a Plasticizer for Cellulose Acetate and in intermediates for stabilization of Plastic Monomers.


As a raw material in the manufacture of intermediates like p-Diethylamine Benzaldehyde.


As a raw material for Anaesthetics like Xylocaine, Procaine and Novacaine. As a raw material for Antimalarials such as Amidoquin, Novaldiamine.

As an intermidiate for Chloroquin Phosphate and in the manufacture of Riboflavin (Vitamin B2).

As an intermidiate in manufacturing of Ampicillin, Amoxycillin, Dictorofenac Ethyl salt.

To manufacture intermidiate like Diethyl Amino Ethanaol and disinfactant like Sodium Diethyldithio Carhamate (SDEDC).

Oil field Chemicals

As Corrosion inhibitors for Sour Well Gases.

Consumer Products

As a raw material in the manufacture of Insect Repellents like N,N-Diethyl-m-Toluamide (DEET) and DEPA.

Agro Chemicals

As an intermediate or catalytic agent for Pesticides such as Fenvalerate, Butachlor, DDVP, Cypermethrin, Monocrotophos, Fonaphos, Phosphamidon and Alfamethrin


Used as an intermediate in the manufacture of Antibiotics like Penicillin, Ampicillin, Amoxycillin, Cephalexin and other derivatives.

Foundry Chemicals

In Foundry industry as Cross linking agents (Binders). a catalyst for resin-bound foundry cores

Perfumery Chemicals

As catalyst in the esterification reaction to manufacture Perfumes.

Paint Industry

Used in manufacture of Electro Deposit Paints.


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