Technical Documentation

Overview of world VAM market

Producer Production Capacity (tonne/year) Location
Celanese 300,000 Bay City, Texas, USA USA
LyondellBasell 385,000 La Porte, Texas, USA
Kuraray 335,000 La Porte, Texas, USA
Dow Chemical 365,000 Texas City, USA
Sinopec Sichuan Vynylon Works 500,000 Chongqing, China Asia
Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical 90,000 Jinshan, Shanghai, China
Sinopec Beijing Eastern Petrochemical 180,000 Yanshan, Beijing, China
Sinopec Great Wall Energy and Chemical Co 450,000 Yinchuan, Ningxia, China
Mengwei Technology 200,000 Inner Mongolia, China
Anhui Wanwei Group 170,000 Changhu, Anhui, China
Guangxi Guangwei Chemical 100,000 Yizhou, Guangxi, China
Celanese 300,000 Nanjing, China
International Vinyl Acetate Co 330,000 Jubail,Saudi Arabia
Dairen Chemical 350,000 Jurong Island,Singapore
Celanese 210,000 Sakra, Singapore
Showa Denko 175,000 Oita City, Japan
Japan VAM & Poval Co Ltd 150,000 Sakai, Osaka, Japan
Samsung BP Chemicals Ulsan,South Korea
Asian Acetyl Co (ASACCO) 210,000 Ulsan, South Korea
Dairen Chemical 650,000 Mailiao, Taiwan
Dairen Chemical 120,000 Tasheh, Kaohshiung, Taiwan
Azot Severodonetsk 35,000 Luhansk, Ukrain Europe
INEOS 300,000   (permanent closure) Hull, UK
Celanese Chemicals Iberica 200,000   (permanent closure) Tarragona, Spain
Stavrolen Neftakhim 60,000 Budennovsk, Russia

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