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Sulfamic acid

Molecular Formula : NH2SO3H CAS : 5329-14-6 UN NO.: 2967 Class : 8 Molecular weight : 97.09 Product specification: Item index Sulfamic acid 99.5%min sulphate 0.05%max Iron 0.02%max Insoluble in water 0.0025%max Loss on drying 0.1%max Use : Metal parts cleaning, getting away oxidize surface.Slightly corrosive to metal, used to flush boiler, and sterilize bacterium … Continue reading

Benzoic acid food grade

CAS No.: 65-85-0 Other Names.: carboxybenzene MF.: C7H6O2 EINECS No.: 200-618-2 Appearence: crystalline flake with benzoic savor Product specification and typical COA: Shape and property    White powder White powder Melting point 121-124℃ 122.9℃ Heavy metals(pb) ≤10ppm 9.ppm Chloride ≤300ppm 120ppm Burnt residue% ≤0.1 0.02 Content% ≥99.0 99.58 loss on drying% ≤0.5 0.20 Sulfate ≤0.1 0.03 Standard: BP2000 Use: product of food … Continue reading

Itaconic acid

Cas no.: 97-65-4 Molecular formula:C5H6O4 Molecular weight: 130.1 Specific gravity: 1.49 Product specification and typical COA: Item Standard Laboratory report Appearance White crystal or powder White crystal or powder Purity ≥99.6% 99.95% Melting point 165-168 ℃ 166.1℃ Chroma ≤5 APHA 2.5 APHA Heavy metal(pb) ≤10PPM 0.7 PPM Iron(Fe) ≤5 PPM 0.39 PPM Copper(Cu) ≤1PPM 0.135 PPM … Continue reading

Benzoic acid tech grade

CAS No.: 65-85-0 Other Names.: carboxybenzene MF.: C7H6O2 EINECS No.: 200-618-2 Appearence: crystalline flake with benzoic savor Product specification and typical COA:  Shape and property  white flakes  white flakes  Melting point  121-123℃  122.3  Content%  ≥98.5%  99.01  Arsenic(As)  ≤2mg/kg  2mg/kg  Loss on drying%  ≤0.1  0.1  Chloride(CL)%  ≤0.02  0.02  Heavy metals(As Pb)  ≤0.001  0.001  Hazen  ≤20  20 Standard:GB1901-2000,BP2000,Chinese … Continue reading

Purified Isophthalic Acid (PIA)

Chemical Name: Isophthalic Acid CAS No.: 121-91-5 Appearance: White crystalline powder Molecular Formula: C8H6O4 Molecular Weight: 166.13 Specifications: ITEMS INDEX PURITY 99.8%MIN META TOLUIC ACID PPM 150 PPM/MAX 3CBA PPM 25PPM/MAX FE PPM 2.0MAX CO PPM 2.0MAX MN PPM 2.0 MAX MOISTURE WT % 0.1%MAX ASH CONTENT PP 15PPM Application: Mainly used in the production of alkyd resins, … Continue reading

Methacrylic Acid (MAA)

CAS No.: 79-41-4 Molecular Weight  86.09 Dangerous Grade  8 UN 2531 HS Code  2916130000 Physical and chemical properties   In normal temperature, it is colorless and transparent liquid with stimulating smell. Under 16°C, it changes into white needle crystal. It can be dissolved in water, ethanol, ethyl and many organic solvents. Technical Index   Item Standard Appearance … Continue reading

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