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Hydroxypropyl Acrylate HPA

DESCRIPTION: Hydroxypropyl Acrylate HPA CAS: 25584-83-2 INTRODUCTION: Hydroxypropyl Acrylate most used in warm solidify acrylate coating,light solidify acrylate coating,light sensitive coating,adhesive,dyeability of textile fiber,water stability and so on. SALES SPECIFICATION: Item index Ester Content ≥98% Free Acid ≤0.2% Inhibitor 200±20PPM Color ≤20# Water Content ≤0.15% PHYSICAL DATA: Appearance: Clear.colorless liquid. Odor: Ester-like Molecular weight: 130.1 g/mol Density: 1.05 g/cm3 … Continue reading

Hydroxyethyl methacrylate (HEMA)

DESCRIPTION: Hydroxyethyl methacrylate (HEMA) CAS:868-77-9 EINECS:    212-782-2 Other Names:   HEMA INTRODUCTION: Hydroxyethyl methacrylate can be used as modifier of resin or coating.It can get active hydroxy acrylate resin if copolymerise with other acrylate can also used as the materials of light-sensitive resin,the stabilizer of dislike-oxygen adhesive and the adhesive of synthetic fiber. SPECIFICATIONS: ITEMS STANDARD … Continue reading

Butyl Acrylate, 99.5%

Butyl Acrylate CAS No.: 141-32-2 MF:CH2=CHCOOC4H9 EINECS No.:205-480-7 Butyl Acrylate Specification:   Chemical Formula CH2=CHCOOC4H9 Purity % (Wt ) ≥99.5% Water %(Wt) ≤0.05 Acid Content≤% (Calculated as AA) ≤0.01 Color (HAZEN) ≤10 Inhibitor (MEHQ) ppm (Wt) 50±5   Physical and Chemical Properties Specific Gravity (20°C):  0.9 Appearance: Clear Colorless liquid Boiling Point: 148°C Melting Point: 64°C(approx) … Continue reading

Methyl Acrylate, 99.5%

  Methyl Acrylate CAS No.: 96-33-3 Other Names: MA MF: CH2=CHCOOCH3 EINECS No.: 202-500-6 Usage: Monomer for addition polymerization mainly used as comonomer with Acrylonitrile for the production of acrylic fiber . Specification: Chemical Formula CH2=CHCOOCH3 Purity % (Wt ) ≥99.5% Water %Wt ≤0.10 Acid Content ≤% (Calculated as AA) ≤0.02 Iron Content ppm 0.2 Color (APHA) … Continue reading

Ethyl Acrylate, 99.5%

CAS No.: 140-88-5 Other Names: EA MF: CH2=CHCOOC2H5 EINECS No.: 205-438-8 Product Specification: Chemical Formula CH2=CHCOOC2H5 Purity %(Wt ) ≥99.5% Water %Wt ≤0.10 Acid Content≤%(Calculated as AA) ≤0.01 Color(HAZEN) ≤15 Inhibitor (MEHQ) ppm (Wt) 50±5 Physical and Chemical Properties Specific Gravity (20°C):  0.9232 Appearance :  Clear Colorless liquid Odour:  Pungent Boiling Point:  99.6°C Melting Point : -71°C(approx) Flash Point  : … Continue reading

Methyl Methacrylate

Product Name:Methl Methacrylate/MMA MF: C5H8O2 MW: 100.12 CAS No: 80-62-6 EINECS No.: 201-297-1 HS Code: 2916140000 Product Specification: ITEMS SPECIFICATIONS Appearance Clear,clean liquid PURITY (GC WT%) ≥99.8 MOISTURE(m/m) ≤0.05 COLORITY(Pt-Co) ≤10 ACIDITY as methacrylic acid (% m/m) ≤0.010 Inhibitor as Topanol ppm 5-15ppm Specific gravity @ 20/4c 0.942-0.946 Usage: MMA is mainly applied in polymerization and copolymerization field. A … Continue reading

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