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C5 hydrogenation petroleum resin

C5 hydrogenation petroleum resin: 1)Good color,good fluidity,stability 2)High abrasion performance 3)Good weather fastness,anti-staining Typical Properties of C5 hydrogenation petroleum resin: Property C-100R C-100L C-100W C-115R C-115L C-115W C-6100 C-6100L Ring & Ball Softening Point 100 100 100 115 115 115 100 100 Physical Form Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Pellet Gardner Color(50%in Toluene) … Continue reading

DCPD Petroleum Resin

Hs code: 3911100000 Applications: DCPD Petroleum Resin can be used in polyester paint. It has good compatibility with epoxy resin in esters solvents and has good solidifying rate to epoxy resin, thus it can be used as a solidifying modifier too. The addition of DCPD petroleum resin (DA201) as a modifying agent can not only … Continue reading


1, Molecular formula/Structural formula: C10H12 2,Properties: In room temperature,  Dicyclopentadiene is colorless liquid or light yellow transparent liquid , high pure Dicyclopentadiene is colorless crystal. Relative Density :0.979, Melting point :32.9℃; Boiling point :166.0℃; Flash point :41℃. 3, Uses: Dicyclopentadiene can be used in high energy fuel, metal derivatives, Dicyclopentadiene Petroleum Resin , epoxy resin, … Continue reading

C5 Petroleum resin used in hot-melt road-making paint

Hs code: 3911100000 Specification : Code No.       Specification   PR-R1100   PR-R2100   Super Grade   First Grade   Qualified Grade   Super Grade   First Grade   Qualified Grade   Appearance   Granule   Granule   Softening Points (oC)   100±4   100±4   Color Number  ≤   5   6 … Continue reading

C5 Petroleum resin used in adhesive

Hs code: 3911100000 Specifications:      Specification / Testing Method   Code No.     Appearance Softening points (oC) Color (Ga) Number   ≤ Acid Number mgKOH/g ≤ Melting Viscosity, 200oCmPa.s Flash points           oC Visual Ring&Ball GB/T4507 ASTMD-1544 GB2895 ASTMD-3236 GB261/ GB3536 PR-A1085 Qualified Grade Granular 80-90 8 1 Test upon Clients’ Request Test upon Clients’ Request First Grade … Continue reading

C9 Hydrocarbon Petroleum Resin

Product Introduction: C9 hydrocarbon petroleum resin is a kind of thermal plasticizing resin produced by C9 fraction, by-products of petroleum cracking, through pretreatment, polymerization and distillation. It isn’t a high polymer bat a low polymer with the molecular weight between 300-3000. Featured by acid value, easy mutual solubilities, resistant to water, resistant to ethanol and … Continue reading

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