Chloride, Solvent

Methylene Chloride

Other name: dichloromethane, methylene dichloride

CAS No.: 75-09-2

MF: CH2Cl2

EINECS No.: 200-838-9

UN NO.:1593

Properties: Colorless liquid. It smells like ether and easy volatile .The gas is not burning, it mixed with air also not explosion. The miscibility of methylene chloride can be achieved with ethanol, ethyl ether and N, N – dimethyl formamide. Methylene chloride soluble in about 50 share of the water. The relative density (d204) 1.3255 , freezing point – 95 °C, boiling point 39.75 °C. Refractive index (n20D) 1.4244. Low poison, half lethal dose is (rats, by mouth) 2524 mg/kg. High steams have narcotic and stimulating.

Product Specification (Standard: GB4117-92):

Item Excellent
Purity 99.5%min
Acidity(HCL) 0.0004%max
Moisture 0.040%max
Vaporing residue 0.0005%max
Chroma (pt-co) 10max


Excellent solvent, widely be used as organic solvent, parting agent, vesicant, detergent, and suffocating, degrease, refrigeration etc.

Packing, Transportation & Storage:

Packed in 270kg/drums, one 20’FCL= 21.6MT palletized;

Sealed and stored in a dry shade and ventilate place. Hermetic packaging, away from fire, heat. With edible chemicals, metal powder stored separately.



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